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Gifts to employees can save employers tax

There have been some changes have been made to the treatment of trivial benefits. Non-cash benefit can now be made to a director but not as a reward for services which can create savings.

What is pension consolidation and is it worthwhile?

If you have worked for two or three different employers, it is possible you could have a workplace pension from each of them.

Critical Illness Vs Income Protection

In this blog we will explain the differences and uses of critical illness and income protection, and how they can be used to protect your financial position.

Planning for the future

Planning for the future can be difficult, especially when it is so far in the future and a life you can’t imagine. It’s easy to think that you have a huge amount of time to save for your retirement, but that's not always the case.

Salary Vs Dividends

As a business owner you can choose how to extract funds from your company. Unfortunately almost all the funds you choose to remove from your business will create a tax charge.

The importance of estate planning

There are many advantages to developing a plan for what will happen to your assets after you pass away. The most essential being to ensure your assets will be inherited by the people you intend.

How to solve your cash flow issues

One of the main reasons start-ups fail is because of cash flow issues. The focus is wrongly put upon making profit rather than managing cash-flow.

Cloud accounting is the future

Things are moving forward, digital technology is making accounting processing easier and faster. Cloud accounting is the future, imagine such a thing as automated invoice reminders!

Tax Planning – Tips to help you save on your personal taxes

The UK tax system has a variety of specifications and guidelines that should be followed strictly as deviation can result in serious penalties.

IR35 changes for public sector contractors

Important changes to public sector contractors working under IR35 legislation have taken effect for 2017/18. Individuals who work through intermediaries, such as personal service companies, are no longer subject to IR35 rules if they work in the public sector.