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Advice on structure and implementation of employee pension plans. Initial advice includes costs analysis of scheme and market research to ensure scheme is akin to competitors. Presentation and one to one meetings with staff are given so employees both understand and appreciate the benefits of the company pension scheme. We also provide ongoing support to ensure the scheme runs efficiently and members understand the growing benefits and scheme options.


Shareholder Protection

Without share protection, the loss of a stakeholder can have a huge impact on a business. It could mean shareholders could end up being in business with people who may have little or no interest in the business; or the skills needed to make the business a success.

Death of a shareholder/director can cause serious financial problems for the deceased’s family and business. We can protect against this to ensure capital is raised to buy out the deceased’s shares in order to retain control of the business. This will also provide the deceased’s family with needed capital. We recommend the necessary legal documentation to ensure the wishes of all parties are carried out in the most tax efficient way. And in the case of a partnership, the partnership will be automatically dissolved unless an agreement exists to the contrary.
Share Protection is available in the form of Term and Critical Illness Assurance


Key Person Protection & Insurance Cover

Do you have financial protection for your business if a key individual dies or suffers a critical illness?

Protecting your company on death or serious illness of a key employee and the financial impact this will cause. This would pay a lump sum to the business to if one of your key employees should be diagnosed with a specified critical illness or in the event of death as it is inevitable the business would suffer financially.

Our independent status ensures not only a competitive cost but a comprehensive policy to match the companies requirements.


Relevant Life (Death In Service)

A relevant life policy is a death in service arrangement, which provides a lump sum on the death of an employee within the term of the plan in a tax efficient manner. The benefit is payable to the employee’s dependants through an appropriate discretionary trust.

Relevant life policies are an alternative to group life schemes for small businesses that do not have enough eligible employees to warrant a group life scheme. They can also be used to provide high earning employees, who already have substantial pension funds, with a lump sum on death that will not form part of their pension lifetime allowance.

This can be invaluable in safeguarding the family’s financial security, helping to pay for significant costs such as a mortgage, child costs or as a source of future income.

Our independent status also allows us to research, both initial and ongoing, the most comprehensive premium for such cover.


Group Critical Illness

Group critical illness insurance provides financial protection and peace of mind for employees by paying them a tax free lump sum after they survive a critical illness. This can help ease some of their immediate problems such as making adjustments to the home, accessing treatment and the provision of nursing care. We can research the most cost effective and spread of illnesses covered to match your needs.

Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits Advice and Schemes

Advice given on:

  • Company Pension Schemes
  • Death In Service
  • Group Critical Illness
  • Group Income Protection
  • Private Medical Insurance


Corporate Investments

Looking at corporate investments ranging from day to day corporate deposit management to long term savings advice using tax efficient structures.

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