Shareholder/Partnership Agreements & Cross Option Agreement

When setting up a company, it is very common that it will be with family or friends. They are people you trust and you assume that nothing will go wrong, therefore you don’t see the need in putting agreements in place. You may even think by putting such agreement in place you will make it seem as though you don’t trust or respect those you are going into business with.

However the sad truth is, if the worst were to happen, you could be with left with a break down in your relationships and a costly legal dispute.

What do the agreements entail?

  • set out the rights and obligations;
  • regulate the sale of shares in the company;
  • describe how the company is going to be run;
  • provide an element of protection for members and the company;
  • defines how decisions are to be made;
  • guidelines set out surrounding life insurance policies.

Business Continuity & Lasting Powers Of Attorney

Planning is always a smart business move, but many don’t plan for the worst as they don’t think the worst will happen to them.

Through planning, you recognize potential threats and can implement agreements to cover these kind of threats.

Business Continuity:

This is a plan to deal with difficult situations that may arise within your company, this is to ensure you can continue running with as little disruptions as possible. The difficult situations can be a number of different things from fire to a cyber-attack.

Lasting Powers Of Attorney:

This is a legal document in which you nominate a trusted person to look after your affairs if you the loss of capacity to make decisions.

Commercial Litigation & Debt Recovery

We have a team of experts who are specialist in resolving high value disputes in an efficient cost effective manner.

We adopt an integrated approach to litigate potential disputes at the earliest stages to minimise costs and risk.

We also understand how important it is for every business to convert outstanding debts to payments as soon as possible, and can help across a wide variety of industries.

Document Drafting

To ensure your business is legally covered in all aspects, we offer a document drafting service that will meet all your business needs. We offer a wide variety of documents from employee contracts to deeds writing.

The main document drafting services we offer are:

  • Service Agreements
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Settlement Agreements
  • Contracts of Employment
  • Consultancy Agreements

We also offer a personal document drafting service.

Sale & Purchase Agreements

Whether you are selling your business or acquiring another, the financial terms of a sale & purchase agreement are of critical importance. This agreement can be the difference between achieving a clean and cost effective exit from a company and a sale not going the way you would like.

Sale and purchase agreements are often used for large single purchases. They not only dictate the sale terms but also contain detailed information about the buyer and seller. They are a huge safety net when buying or selling.

Intellectual Property Protection

Your company’s intellectual property may be the most valuable asset of your business, more so than the physical assets. These valuable assets may range from patents to artistic works, and as you can imagine they are difficult to define and even more difficult to protect.

In order to protect the most important assets of your business we provide our clients with practical, strategic and commercially-focused advice. We offer expertise from Copyright to Defamation and Privacy matters.

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