Research & Development (R&D) Planning


Research & Development (R&D) planning

We provide specialist advice and professional support to businesses wishing to apply for R&D Tax Credits. Very often businesses organically develop new methods and enhancements to the products they offer without realising that they can make a claim for very valuable tax credits from HMRC, or funding from various government departments allotted specifically for this purpose.

By working closely with clients, we offer services which assist companies appraise their innovation/R&D activities on which claims for R&D Tax Credits may be made to HMRC, or applications for grants and/or funding.

If successful, the claim which can equate to 230% of qualifying expenditure (typically staff costs, software, sub-contractor costs and Raw materials used) can provide relief against Corporation Tax or alternatively you may be able to choose to receive a tax credit instead, by way of a cash sum paid by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

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