Using technology in business is advantageous

Not making use of technology in business could quickly leave you behind.

All businesses struggle with cash-flow at one point or another. Look at the big giants of the nineties whom were so well established, nobody could ever have predicted they would go out of business.

Blockbuster, Kodak, Radio Shack…ring any bells?

With the constantly evolving technological landscape we live in, refusing innovation and change in your business may leave you struggling to make ends meet. Blockbuster failed to move into online distribution, doing so made way for Netflix, a company we all know and love and is now worth $61 billion.

Streamlining your processes by using technology could be beneficial to your business; it could save you time and money in the long-run. With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence and self-driving cars, who knows what could be possible in 10 years’ time.

Are you having a glitch in cash-flow? Or looking to improve systems? We can help with funding solutions to meet your needs.

We have access to a wide variety of funding options to suit you and your business. We understand the different circumstances of your business and are here to help. When running a business it can be hard to track how well your business is doing, with the likes of Carillion they weren’t being careful and over-reached themselves and in-turn proved unprofitable. Many opt for tracking profits but we suggest cash-flow is a more important and sustainable metric.

Xero is a great tool that we recommend to clients, it is very easy to use to assist in the accounts side of your business and you can use it for as little as £10 a month. It integrates with lots of different financial apps you may be using already and is very helpful for tracking cash-flow.

Whatever your need for funding, your helpful accountants in Wilmslow can assist.