“Ascendis have transformed the way the financial information is used within our business. We now make far more informed decisions based on the latest most relevant financial information. Ascendis also think out of the box and have saved us tens of thousands of pounds by helping us to manage our accounts and tax affairs much more efficiently.”


Owner Managed Businesses & Directors

We can assist Owner Managed Businesses & Directors where:

  • The company has PROFITS in excess of £100,000 wishing to reward their directors and employers in BONUSES or dividends
  • The company wishes to review its current business structure to ensure that it is tax optimised
  • The company wishes to reward key employees and executives with tax efficient remuneration packages.
  • The owners want to minimise and optimise the tax on profit extraction
  • The company wishes to reduce their Corporation Tax and/or payroll costs
  • The company wishes to acquire commercial properties using tax efficient structures and methods.
  • The directors are looking to address an overdrawn director’s LOAN account
  • The owners want advice on exiting from their business
  • The company is wishing to review existing Employee Benefit Trust structures
  • The company has large gains on property portfolios
  • The company is about to launch money-spinning new products or services and whose directors wish to protect the PROFITS


We can assist entrepreneurs with:

  • Exiting from their businesses
  • Income tax planning
  • Corporation tax planning
  • Review of existing business structure to ensure tax position is optimised
  • Reviewing existing Employee Benefit Trust structures
  • Bespoke wealth management and structuring

High Net Worth Individuals & Businesses

Ascendis Tax & Wealth LLP concentrates its business activities within the High Net Worth market, one of the most dynamic and rapidly growing sectors.

Our client base includes very successful business owners and entrepreneurs, senior corporate executives, barristers, surgeons, Doctors/Dentists and professional sportsmen/women.

Most of our clients are referred to us either by our existing clients or through our expanding network of introducers.

If you are seeking a new adviser and would like a personal reference, our clients are happy to provide references as to our capability and services.

Property Investors/Developers

We can assist property developers / purchasers with:

  • Holding a portfolio in the most tax efficient manner
  • Minimising liability to Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) on purchases & developments
  • Reducing liability to Capital GAINS Tax on the sale of assets
  • Incorporation of existing personally held property portfolios whilst saving CGT, SDLT and ongoing annual taxation in the process
  • Tax efficient restructure of portfolio value whilst considering IHT.
  • Tax efficient extraction of development profits post completion.

Professional Sportsmen/women

We can assist sportsmen/women with:

  • Receiving their income from ‘image rights’ and structuring their income tax affairs
  • Purchasing property
  • Raising finance for acquisitions
  • Structuring assets in a tax efficient manner
  • Overseas pension planning
  • Bespoke wealth management
  • Issues when non domiciled and leaving the UK
  • Issues when non domiciled and have remittance issues


We can assist individuals:

  • Whom are High income earners (e.g. £100,000 pa from any source)
  • With the sale of a business or company
  • Making purchases of residential or commercial property in excess of £250,000
  • With property portfolio structuring
  • With large estates potentially liable to Inheritance Tax
  • With outstanding loan balances from Employee Benefit Trust or with money trapped inside the trust
  • With bespoke wealth management solutions
  • With bespoke lending


Working in association with partners, we have various business structures which will enable Contractors to fully optimise both their personal and business taxation affairs.

Options include:-

• Operating through a Limited Company.

Please look at our separate business:-  Ascendis Contractor Solutions Ltd

• Options for Self-Employment or Employment which enables contractors and employee’s to take home around 83% of their income.